Tuesday, March 29


don't hate me when i'm telling the truth.

i'm not a sponge darling, i'm a human.

Friday, March 25


dadah semalam jika masih tersisa, jgn dibuang.
mungkin berguna untuk selimutkan diri tatkala ditiup angin kesunyian kelak,
siapa tahu...

jika terlalu mengkhayalkan,
mungkin kau boleh cuba untuk campak dan ludah.
takut diri terbinasa.


you know exactly how weak I am,
& i know how babylike you are.

kebal sikit kali ni ye syg? :')

Thursday, March 24


sorry if i am being too cruel these days, i could not control myself.

Wednesday, March 23


you just need to be stronger, i guess. it won't stop hitting you.

it makes me sick.

Tuesday, March 22


If you haven't got the love that you are craving for, trust me, you are not ready. You haven't got the real strength that's needed. Never blame all the thousands negative features that you have. It doesn't worth it.  Nothing, nothing is simple in this hectic box and so do love. Once you get in, you can't never get out. Be prepared. Tuhan Maha Mengetahui.

Monday, March 21


"Kau yang buat masalah, kau selesaikan la sendiri!"

i am running away.
shame upon yourself.

Sunday, March 20


aku teringin nak mendalami apa apa sukar difahami.


What will I get in return?

Wednesday, March 16



"dia terkesima dengan realiti yang diludah depan matanya sendiri."

aku bermimpi?

tolong.. jangan butakan mata aku lagi.
hanya kawan, jahanam!

bukan jiwa bukan raga
tak pernah secebis seperti dia.
seperti hati dia.

aku hauskan imaginasi untuk lari daripada realiti gila ini.

Tuesday, March 15


when I'm stressed out with my own.

the best cure is looking at others and all of them.. 


i might like all the sweetest things about love, but.. may i get the chance to feel it?

Saturday, March 12


aku tak pernah dapat bayang apa tercegat di masa depan, & selalunya, semua datang mengejut. Aku masih belum terjaga daripada tidur.

Wednesday, March 9


Some other time,
the wind might not be as cold as today,  cause you are here right next to me.

Sunday, March 6


Biarkan masa jadi penawarku.

Friday, March 4


I don't want to be the same person before I went here.

I want to change to a new set.


is it me alone? or, it is only them who are acting ignorant? or, is it both of us being like that to each other?

Why on earth i have to actually think about it.

Tuesday, March 1


hello march.