Tuesday, January 31


I'm done pretending. Watch me with your real eyes people.

Thursday, January 26


everything is ok.
everything is under control.

Monday, January 23


342 days, since the last day I saw you at the airport  :'(

Sunday, January 22


My eyes have seen too much.
Hopefully one day, I will get tired of playing this lying game and die... and you know nothing.

Saturday, January 21


"Lick my ass nicely, lick it nice and clean, nice and clean, lick my ass. That's a greasy desire, nicely buttered, like the licking of roast meat, my daily activity. Three will lick more than two, come on, just try it, and lick, lick, lick. Everybody lick own ass themself." - Mozart

Friday, January 20


And I might be dead due to depression if I keep on living life on people expectation.- Ohh Nona


tenangkan jiwaku..

Friday, January 13


Kau tulis kau buang kau tulis kau buang kau tulis kau buang.
kalaulah semudah tu.

Wednesday, January 4


dear heart,

Today is the day. He starts from the beginning again, I hope and hope and hope and pray to God this time he is as strong as I am. Please accompany him till the end.

Sunday, January 1


Stand strong, fear nothing.