Monday, April 29


Say, "I'll stop depending on you."
Repeat. Repeat.
"But how can you call it love when you are being by yourself, alone. There."
Say, "I'll stop depending on you."
Say, "I'll stop depending on you."
"I want to scream my lungs out, it hurts".
Say, "I'll stop depending on you."

"Can I cry?" 
"But your tears will solve nothing, hun. It'll just ruined your pretty face." 
"My tears are my instant happines... I'm sincerely hopeless."

Sunday, April 28


No matter how many promises you were be given, always remember,
The person is just another human, who never know whether the promises may be fulfilled.

Be careful.

Tuesday, April 23


Thanks for making her life as wonderful as it can be and leaving me at the most miserable situation,
you are still mine.

Tuesday, April 16


Manisnya mulutmu lelaki.
Cukup manis untuk melirikkan senyuman di bibir.
Malang, ianya hanya untuk ditapau, kumpul dan simpan.
Buat bekalan tekak bila aku laparkan senyuman sendiri.


Wednesday, April 10


"Senyumlah hati senyumlah.Senyum cuma senyum."

Saturday, April 6


Hey kekasih,

Bila kita mahu senafas?