Monday, March 3


Digging through all the old stuff makes me so amazed with you. Everything that you have done (or doing) can't be seen through the naked eyes. But I know you are doing it and keeping it all to yourself. We are all praying for better days ahead. May all your wish come true, love. Believe in Him. Keep on praying.

Friday, February 28


I have always wanted to write. Something meaningful, something sweet or just anything that is happening around me. Maybe I should start all over again. Seems like I have abandoned it for a very long time. I probably going to write something a day, anything about him till the day I couldn't write anymore.

Kuman, xxo

Wednesday, January 22


Two years ago. 
He is happier everytime he sees her. He writes all those pretty stuff about her, like he loves her more than anything. He misses her like she's the only one existed in this world.
Two years ago.

I guess... all the mistakes that she and he had done were to be blamed. Those endless pain, sick memories that cannot be erased. We wish we are robot, so we the robot can permanently erased everything. No.

I miss you, love.