Monday, February 28


Today is my bf's Birthday, I can't celebrate with him. Distance separates us. If not the distance, other things will.
I wish him quite late, actually i almost forgot that today is the date.

First day of class, I'm blur & blank like a white paper.

Friday, February 25


you know what i miss the most.

Tuesday, February 22


Yang pahit itulah yg manis.

Sunday, February 20


Sadly, they have no night life.

Friday, February 18


Di negara orang, mogamoga aku tak berubah jadi mahluk asing.

Monday, February 14


Tiada apa yg nak dilagakkan dengan belajar di luar negara. Ianya cuma satu lagi perjalanan baru yang asing & samar di hadapan.

a reminder to myself.

Wednesday, February 9


aku dah jadi org api sekarang ini.

Tuesday, February 8


aku tak kata ianya senang, & aku tak kata ianya susah.. sayang..

Sunday, February 6


Let's set our heart at self-destruct.